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28 Apr 2012 - [sticky post] (no subject)
tg hsm picnic
Why? Coz I got one in our front yard and it's my babeh.

Music keeps me sane. I love the smell of books.
16 Jun 2012 - Birthday Massacre
zan run

Rumor has it I was born today.
05 May 2012 - Hello Miss Heels

So Liean has started her ballet class last April 18 and I've decided I should just use this to record her progress. It won't be any religious recording though coz, if you must know, I'm the queen of laziness. 

Background story, my Momma bought me this ballet book and I remember I'd imitate the illustrations drawn there - I was in 1st grade. Bummer we were living in a far far away land and by the time I discovered my 'researching' skills, the only school I found was an hour drive away. Fast forward to now, I feel like I was robbed off a future. It was my lifelong dream to be a ballerina. I partly blame the Momma coz I wish she could have supported this dream. So I'm living it vicariously through Liean. Can't wait for her to be one of those graceful dancers. 
28 Apr 2012 - Young Blood
I'm seriously thinking of getting a tattoo. Just a simple symbol on my wrist or wherever coz I change my mind easily. I initially want white ink but black sounds cool too. Will definitely try henna first and if I like it enough, maybe I'll make it permanent. 

  A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.

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